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Start: Bielsko-Biała – Rynek 30 May 2024 8:00

Finish: Bielsko-Biała – Rynek „Stara Apteka”

(otwarta do 02 June 2024 22:000)

Time cap: 86 hours

Length of the race: ~700 km (road with gravel sections)

Price: 500 zł

Registration closes: 31 March 2024
(or when we have reached the limit of 50 riders)

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Parcour "META"

The final mandatory segment will take you through gentle hills and narrow roads of the Silesian Foothills. You will pass by ponds and cross the Vistula River. During this time, rapeseed fields and green meadows will enhance the landscapes, while avoiding the city and the busiest roads. It will be a pleasant ending, giving you motivation to reach the finish line.

Parcour „Bystrzyckie & Orlickie” - CP 2 Leśne Apartamenty

Imagine wild river valley with wooden cottages, full of green mountains around and road calmly going up and down. That's Wild Orlica valley
and we are going take you there!In the middle of the forest, somewhere between Bystrzyckie and Orlickie mountains there are old border buldings. One of those are Lesne Apartamenty - Control Point 2.

Parcour - ”Rejvíz”

Between Beskydy mountains and Kłodzka Valley there is a place called Rejvíz, where time stopped years ago. We will take you to small village with houses in the middle of Jesioniki. Calm tarmac roads in forests are kind of symbol of Czechia for road cycling lovers.Parcour will guide you through valley of Vidavka river and finish in Lipová-lázně, which is not so far to the next obligatory segment…

Parcour "Beskydy" - CP 1 Chata Prasiva

While everyone are visiting Lysa Hora, we want to show you her colleague - Maly Javorovy Vrch. Small tarmac road will take you on over 900 m n.p.m. and show you Beskydy's panorama. Then we want to take you to some gravel travers of Beskydy mountains, and finally give you
a Patch at Control Point 1 - Chata Prasiva.

Parcour "START"

The Beskid Śląski Landscape Park is considered one of the best road cycling routes in Poland. We agree, which is why we want to guide you through the highest roads in this region and show you the Salmopolska and Kubalonka mountain passes. But before we reach there, we will lead you through small roads from Bielsko-Biała to safely reach the starting point of the first climb in Szczyrk. Serpentine roads leading to the Salmopolska pass will make you feel like you're climbing in the Alps, and the descent will be fast but gentle. From the "Zameczek," you will face another ascent to Kubalonka, although not as long as the first one. And from there... you will ride according to your own route towards the first checkpoint!


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