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The Team

Alina Kilian

Race director

Race manager

Ania Małecka

Event coordinator

ZGonia Michalik

Our Mission


We are girls on bikes. We ride. We ride for fun, we race or we just go for ice cream, of course on bikes. We are Babska Korba. As association of Babska Korba we organise winter rides with the coach on zoom platform, in summer we have girls group rides in different polish cities and last but not least, there are 6 month scholarships for the girls that have a cycling dream. 

Currently there are so many girls gathered around Babska Korba that we decided that this is the time to organise a race for them. Not that we think this is obligatory to race, but the races on the market are quite hard, not really proper for beginners or intermediate so we want it to be the race that will encourage girls and all beginners to enter the ultracycling world. 

We offer distances and rules that will prepare you for the bigger races out there!

Why we differ?

Professional organisation.

All of us experience cycling since many years in many different ways. This means we have different point of view on the same thing. Combined brings out all the best from way of delivering a race that will be the only one on the ultracycling racing market.

Our tracks and time cap are specially prepared for those who want to start their adventure with ultracycling.

We designed the races so that everybody could try unsupported racing. 

Experience full of challenges.

Both organised races will be exciting for you! It doesn't really matter if you are experienced rider or a rookie. We totally promise that you will get proper amount of emotions and experience!  

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